CDL Drug and Alcohol Clearinghouse

CDL Drug and Alcohol Clearinghouse

Coming January 6, 2020, a secure online database clearinghouse will give employers, Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA), State Driver Licensing Agencies and State law enforcement personnel real-time information about Commercial Driver’s License (CDL) drug and alcohol program violations in an effort to enhance the safety of our Nation’s roadways. The use of the Clearinghouse is required for all companies that employ CDL drivers.

Registration is now open for all motor carrier employees, CMV drivers, Third Party Administrators (TPA), Medical Review Officers (MRO), and Substance Abuse Professionals (SAP). Users can establish an account that will allow access to the Clearinghouse once it becomes operational and mandatory for all CDL holders on January 6, 2020.

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Additional Detail:

  • FMCSA employers are required to register by setting up a government secure account and clicking on ‘employer’ to complete the registration process. Employers are required to notify drivers that drug and alcohol violations will be reported to the Clearinghouse.
  • Employers are required to query the site prior to hiring and on an annual basis. (see query plan purchase options on the Clearinghouse site).
  • Limited and/or full queries are required upon signing of driver release (see Clearinghouse site for more information).
  • All FMCSA drivers will need to provide their CDL number and state of issuance when reporting to the drug screen collection site.
  • Sanford Health will report positive drug screens and MRO declared refusals to the Clearinghouse for full service clients that use Joel Blanchard, MD as the MRO. Employers are required to report all Breath Alcohol tests .04 or above, collection site refusals, negative Return-To-Duty tests and completion of the Return-To-Duty process for any CDL driver that has had a violation.
  • If you have further questions, please contact our Sanford OccMed drug testing department by phone at (888) 600-2378 or by email.