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Improve worker productivity by making sure your workforce is as healthy as possible. Browse our health care resources and wellness education materials to learn how to keep your workplace running smoothly and safely.

Occupational Medicine Training

We provide valuable educational training opportunities on essential occupational medicine topics.

Learn when it’s convenient for you and your team through our online training videos. All purchased materials come with complimentary written resources.

Since the world of occupational medicine is constantly changing, our resource library is always growing. Check back to explore our materials and create an individual account for ongoing training.

Additional Occupational Medicine Resources

COVID-19 Employer Resources

Find resources to plan and prepare for dealing with COVID-19 in your workplace.

Sanford OccMed offers a dedicated phone line for COVID-19 return-to-work concerns. This subscription-based service directs employees through a prompted series of questions based on CDC guidelines. The call will determine if they meet the requirements to safely report to work.

At the end of the call, the employee will receive an email confirming if they can return to work. Call (888) 600-2378 and press two for more information.

Keep COVID-19 Out of Your Workplace
Sanford OccMed is here to help your employees stay healthy. We offer these services:

  • Lumira COVID-19 rapid testing. This is asymptomatic, surveillance testing for business-related purposes only. Call (888) 600-2378 to set up COVID-19 surveillance testing for your company.
  • OnSite COVID-19 vaccines. Offer vaccines on-site to your employees. To request OnSite COVID-19 vaccines, please email us and include your company name, region and contact information.

Additional COVID-19 Materials


Employer Printable Materials

Workplace Safety Materials

Educational Materials

DOT Exam Materials
Employees should review the below requirements checklist before their physical and bring any relevant health history materials and current medications to the appointment. Make sure they thoroughly understand these materials:

Other Printable Resources

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