The Cost of Hiring the Wrong Fit

The Cost of Hiring the Wrong Fit

Pre-placement services help determine if employees are physically capable of performing the functions of a job. An effective physical exam can result in fewer injuries, lower costs and employees who are better-matched to their positions. Our pre-placement services ensure alignment between worker’s abilities and job requirements.

A CareerBuilder survey lists the most common ways employers say a wrong hire affected their business in the last year:

  • 36% Less productivity
  • 33% Compromised quality of work
  • 31% Negative employee morale
  • 30% Lost time to recruit and train another worker
  • 30% Cost to recruit and train another worker
  • 29% Manager or coworkers spend excessive time assisting a bad hire

This simple screening process reduces the risk of work-related injury and turnover. The cost of a wrong hire is significant and can bring down a team, manager or entire organization.

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