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As a business leader, we understand you’re busy. When you partner with our occupational medicine team, you’ll get personalized services that save you time and money. Our experts provide the care you need to keep your employees healthy and productive.

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High Standard of Individualized Service

Patients take off work for their injury in only 1.16% of our cases compared to the national average of 32%. Our team also actively looks for non-narcotic drug options. We prescribe narcotics in 2.32% of our cases as opposed to the national average of 20%.

We design programs for corporate wellness that meet the needs of your specific business. You’ll receive only the services that make sense for you and your employees. Our occupational medicine services can also come directly to your worksite.

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On-site Services

Through our on-site services, we deliver care to companies throughout Minnesota, Iowa, South Dakota and North Dakota.

The Sanford OccMed team is committed to providing you with the best service possible. We look forward to partnering with you to benefit your business and your employees. Call today or visit one of our offices near you.

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Get the latest worksite wellness information.

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