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Sanford OccMed offers valuable educational training opportunities to employers on important occupational medicine topics. Learn when it’s convenient for you and your team through our online training videos. Purchased materials come with complimentary written resources.

Since the world of occupational medicine is constantly changing, our resource library is always growing. Check back to explore our material and make sure your team is up to date on these changes. The best way to keep your team updated is to create an individual account in our Sanford OccMed training portal for training on an on-going basis. We charge fees on a per-item basis.

Available Education

DOT Reasonable Suspicion

American businesses lose more than $100 billion a year due to substance abuse in the workplace. Seventy-five percent of substance abusers are employed. This course, offered by Sanford OccMed, will help the viewer identify substance abuse in the workplace, take necessary actions and help connect employees to appropriate assistance.

Format: Two-hour video
Price: $39

This course meets the requirements of DOT 49 CFR Part 40§ 382.603.

DOT Designated Employer Representative (DER)

A company DER must understand the Department of Transportation (DOT) drug and alcohol testing regulations so the company can stay in compliance. This course will help the viewer understand the role of a DER in the drug testing process while highlighting potential issues, outlining required actions and explaining a DER’s relationship with other drug testing components, drug testing policy promotion and record-keeping requirements.

Format: One-hour video
Price: $30