Drug & Alcohol Testing

Protecting Your Employees & Business

Prevent and manage drug abuse and alcoholism in the workplace with Sanford OccMed. These abuses affect your employee’s safety and productivity.

Research shows workplace drug and alcohol abuse causes:

  • The use of three times as many sick days by affected employees
  • One-third less productivity from affected employees
  • 65% of work accidents
Our Drug Testing Administration Program

With a focus on employee safety, Sanford OccMed is here to meet your testing needs. We offer a wide network of collection facilities and certified collectors.

We can also manage Department of Transportation (DOT) and non-DOT testing programs. These services include:

  • Annual drug panel review and reporting
  • Coordination and scheduling of drug and alcohol collection services
  • Random testing consortium management
  • Access to a physician medical review officer
  • Record maintenance
  • Online training resources

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Certified Collectors

Drug screening and breath alcohol collection is a legal process that requires a DOT-certified collector.

A collector helps and instructs employees at a collection site, inspects specimens and completes the Federal Drug Testing Custody and Control Form. Using a certified collector ensures the collection follows the appropriate processes.

Medical Review Officers

Sanford OccMed’s medical review officers (MRO) are all DOT-certified and have advanced drug training. The DOT requires an MRO and services staff review all drug screenings. The MRO acts as a gatekeeper to ensure collection, testing and reporting is accurately completed according to DOT guidelines.

Reasonable Suspicion Education

Sanford OccMed offers reasonable suspicion training to help supervisors identify the signs and symptoms of drug abuse and alcoholism. We’ll work with your team to make the workplace safer.

Get the DOT-compliant training at our occupational medicine clinics, on-site at your business or online.

Set Up Your Company

Employers can’t ignore drug and alcohol abuse in the workplace. Around 75% of illegal drug users are employed.

Learn how Sanford OccMed can help your business and employees stay safe. Call us at (888) 600-2378 to speak to a specialist.