Injury Prevention & Management

Keeping Your Workplace Safe

Maintaining a healthy and safe workforce is as important to our Sanford OccMed team as it is to you. Our injury prevention and management services work to reduce injuries and keep your employees on the job. We help your employees stay healthy and productive in a safe work environment.

Occupational health and safety services are vital to a healthy workplace environment. We first design our injury prevention services around your employees. Our team will first make sure they are physically capable of safely performing their job duties. We’ll then help you create a safe work environment where workspaces are set up to reduce work hazards that could cause injuries.

Our injury management services provide the health care expertise you want for your employees and the timeliness you need to keep your business productive. Each service is based on our stay-at-work philosophy.

Injury management services we provide include:

  • Walk-in care at a variety of clinic locations
  • Comprehensive, job-specific treatment and rehabilitation
  • Same-day electronic injury reporting
  • Injury trend analysis and prevention recommendations
  • Case management

Our goal is to keep your employees working quickly and safely. Partner with Sanford OccMed to keep your workforce healthy.

Injury Prevention Programs

Fit For Duty

Sanford OccMed's Fit for Duty Program is designed around workplace injury prevention. Injury prevention ensures that employees can physically perform their job tasks.

This program begins with your new employees. We ensure new hires can physically perform the tasks required for jobs in your company. To do this, we measure the physical demands of their job and then test their ability to perform them.

If an injury occurs, we ensure your employees are physically prepared to return to work after rehabilitation and can complete the tasks required of their positions. A safe work environment is important to the health and well-being of your employees.

Learn how you can maximize employee safety.

Program benefits to employers:

  • Assures new employees can safely perform essential functions of the job
  • Reduces medical and time loss claims, re-injury and Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) rates
  • Directs medical providers in designing work modifications for keeping employees at work
  • Alerts you to ergonomic concerns
  • In North Dakota: Qualifies for WSI return-to-work designated medical provider program

New employee services:

  • Post-offer testing to help guarantee hired workers can perform the essential functions of the job safely

Return-to-work services:

  • Indicating specific job tasks that are safe to continue or need to be modified for the employee
  • Providing direction for medical providers in designing work conditioning programs to get employees back to normal work duties

Program components:

  • Job Function Analysis: On-site objective measurement of job tasks
  • Job Function Description: Collected data is written into a functional job description that outlines the job’s demands
  • Job Function Test: A test developed from the job function description and analysis that’s used post-offer or post-injury to ensure the match of an employee’s physical capabilities to their job


Ergonomics helps keep your employees healthy in a safe work environment. Sanford OccMed uses ergonomics to keep your business productive.

Employees need proper ergonomics to prevent repetitive strain injuries and other musculoskeletal disorders. These issues can develop over time and lead to time loss or disability. The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) has found substantial evidence that ergonomic programs can cut worker’s compensation costs, increase workers’ productivity and decrease employee turnover.

Sanford OccMed rehabilitation professionals will partner with you to discuss current concerns. From there, we’ll perform an on-site assessment. Our experts can evaluate how an activity or job is performed as well as the demands on your employee and the environment. We’ll also examine the equipment, looking at its size, shape and how appropriate it is for the task.

Sanford OccMed services:

  • Ergonomic workspace or industrial assessments
  • Detailed reporting with recommendations for risk reduction
  • Ergonomic safety presentations tailored to your company needs 
  • Train the Trainer program to help your company become proactive in ergonomic evaluations and identifying and correcting risk factors
  • In North Dakota: Assistance in securing equipment grant funds through WSI

Learn how to set up an ergonomic workstation at home.